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Can a microbe grow faster later by growing slower now?

This question popped up a few years ago during a conversation with my PhD advisor. I think it makes a good riddle or exercise problem, so I’m posting it here, along with a solution I came up with. My solution … Continue reading

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Calculating growth rate from microbial growth curves using MATLAB

Growth curve experiments are used to study the physiology of bacteria, yeast, or other micro-organisms. You inoculate cells in a nutrient medium, let them grow, and record the optical density of the culture over time with a spectrophotometer. Automated plate … Continue reading

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The difference between selection coefficient and relative growth rate

If you do experiments on microorganisms, you are probably familiar with fitness assays, where you study a mutant strain by comparing its growth rate to that of the wildtype in various environments. If, like me, you have learned the method … Continue reading

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